Inch of Your Life: The Trilogy


Written and directed by Massimo Pagliaroli
Produced by Carlo Vitelli
Lighting Design by Lisa Van Oorschot
Percussion composed and performed by Evan Bowen

Stage Management by Laura Philipps
Featuring: Alex Clay, Jack Everett, Luis Fernandes,
Ceridwen Kingstone, Brandon Knox, Giovanna Pandullo, Antonino Pruiti and Jonathan Sconza


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Inch of Your Life is a fast-paced ensemble comedy that features a core cast of eight recurring characters and touches on themes of family, relationships and identity, examining how well we know ourselves and the people in our lives.

Originally workshopped in Toronto, the series received its US premiere at Edgemar Theatre in Santa Monica, California.  It debuted at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival where it was awarded Patron's Pick.


The company of Inch of your LIfe: The Trilogy 


Preview March 7th
March 8th - March 17th 2018
Theatre Passe Muraille - Backspace

Meet Sam Catelli, a young Toronto man recently fired from his job and attempting to gain independence by distancing himself from his overbearing family. In the mix are the friends and significant others, each on their own individual journey, and who represent the traditional and modern worlds which Sam continually finds himself stuck between.

 Ceridwen Kingstone as Jill and Giovanna Pandullo as Sylvia.

Ceridwen Kingstone as Jill and Giovanna Pandullo as Sylvia.



Preview May 8th
May 9th - May 19th 2018
Theatre Passe Muraille - Backspace

The gang are back for a second round and things are really starting to cook!  Still unemployed, Sam decides to swallow his pride and finally accept a little help from his family... But is it worth it? From brunch sabotage to managing booty calls there are many plots afoot in this next installment as our fearless eight "inch" forward toward a better undertanding of themselves and the people in their lives.


Didn't see episode one? No sweat! The show starts off with a short recap so you won't miss a beat.


Jonathan Sconza as Sam, Brandon Knox as Eric, Alex Clay as Luke.


Preview July 17th
July 18th - July 28st 2018
Theatre Passe Muraille - Backspace

This final episode in the Inch series completes the trilogy and brings this resident group of family and friends closer together and for one last hurrah.  It's a wrap...for now.

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Photos by Robert Fulton



Laura Phillips

Favourite place to eat in the city?
Ghazale restaurant. Any time. Any day. Any hour. Any dish. Slim plate, falafel wrap, let's go. Veggies R Life. 

Any extra activities you do in the city? 
I love being part of the City Dance Corps family! I participate in their Energy Exchange program, and love learning new dance styles to help train my ear and my body. The people that make up the studio are so wonderful, I am always in awe of the community they've built around professional and recreational dance.

Any hidden, secret or emerging spots in the city you want to share?
Keep your eyes peeled for my pals at HAUS ORPHEUS, doing big things creating music and organizing pan-African art events. They do DJ nights, performances, openc mics and more at Art Square Gallery. It always a dope time with music to feed your soul and rock your body. 


Jack Everett

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto? 
Trinity Bellwoods in the summer. 

Favourite place to eat in the city?
The Black Hoof on Dundas Street West.  

Last show you saw in Toronto or next show you are seeing in Toronto?
I saw Kat Sandler's BANG BANG at Factory Theatre. It was fantastic. 

Any companies or communities you would like to plug or promote?
Watch out for upcoming work from Bad Hats Theatre! 


Brandon Knox

Favourite place to eat in the city?
Grillies on Danforth. The make a really REALLY good buritto! It's my favorite comfort food.

Last show you saw in Toronto?
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee at the Assembly Theatre. It was a fantastic show with great performances all around and even featured Nino playing Gus in our show.

Any extra activities you do in the city? 
Boardgames! Coup, Eric Spell Wars, and Smallworld to name a few. Been having a boardgame night at least once a week for the past few years and it is always fun! 


Giovanna Pandullo

Favourite place to eat in the city?
La Paloma. Best gelato ever.  Hands down.   

Best Toronto memory?
I don't know about this memory being categorized as the "best" memory but it is definitely the most recent one (and possibly the most scarring).  During a rehearsal for "Inch of Your Life", a massive truck stopped outside of the large front window at Collective Studios, our rehearsal space.  The driver got out of the truck, opens the side door of said truck and proceeds to fling multiple dead pigs onto his shoulder. I saw the tongues and floppy ears of at least a dozen slain pigs all piled onto one tiny mans shoulder . I looked on in horror and have not been able to eat bacon since.  RIP dead piggies. 

Any extra activities you do in the city?
MJ Shaw's FitPOP dance classes are amazing. I haven't taken a class in a while, but need to get back into it come Spring! 

Alex on candlestick phone.jpg

Alex Clay

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto?
If I say my basement apartment am I taking the question too literally? Probably...but then it sounds like I don't surface. I SURFACE!

Best TTC driver memory?
There's a bus driver on the 126 Christie bus route who is the absolute best. There's a man with developmental disabilities who has really taken to him and they have become good friends. The driver knows that he is excited about the route and lets him announce each stop. Between the stops they shoot the breeze and it's become a really wonderful thing for us regulars to witness. You can see the smiles and laughter from this duo brighten up people's days. It's certainly done the trick for me on more than one occasion. 

Why do you like living in Toronto?
There is such a range of experiences that one can enjoy. I have met so many amazing people here. ALSO, it has North America's "best" transit system. So there's that.


Antonino Pruiti 

Best TTC driver memory?
Every now and then in all the years using the TTC subway service, which would be about 20+ years, from time to time I'll get lucky enough to have the singing subway driver without a face or name. This subway driver will take any random song and constantly fit the name of the upcoming subway station into that song. He will sing through to each stop, without dead air. 

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto?
In the hood where I was raised and where my maternal grandparents lived. So that would be East York and the Dufferin/Bloor area. When the weather permits, I like to go on a nice neighborhood stroll in both of these areas, day or night. That's when I feel the most at home. The memories make me feel safe and for me, home is a safe place.

Any companies or communities you would like to promote?
Yes! Two companies I worked with just last year. Actually, them inviting me into their projects was after my 8 year hiatus from live theatre. They truly helped me find my stage bearings once again. I did Georgre F Walker's Adult Entertainment with Triple Bypass Productions and Eric Bogosian's Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Low Down Theatre Company.


Carlo Vitelli

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto?
Wychwood Art Barns on Saturday mornings during their farmer's market.

Favourite place to eat in the city?
Right now it's Marcello's on St. Clair West. But this changes all the time. 

Last show you saw in Toronto or next show you are seeing in Toronto?
Just saw Dark Heart by Genevieve Adam, so good. Looking forward to After Wrestling by Storefront.

Why do you like living in Toronto?
There's a little bit of the whole world in Toronto.


Ceridwen Kingstone

Favourite place to eat in the city?
My favourite place to eat is 100% The Lakeview Restaurant. Great food, even better prices and what's best of all is that it's ALWAYS OPEN! Every single person and their Mother should eat the Poppa Cap Sandwich. Crispy portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese?!?! How can you not?!?!?

Best TTC driver memory?
I had a bus driver tell everyone over the radio that he was moving and this was his last day. Before he left he wanted to learn a little more about the people of Toronto. He asked us "What do you think is human's greatest desire?" He told us we could share our responses to him as we left or just keep it to ourselves. I watched people get up and strike up a conversation with the driver before they got off. It was so refreshing to see this kind of genuine act displayed in Toronto. It made us all look up from our books or phones and actually talk to one another. 

Any hidden, secret or emerging spots in the city you want to share?
I love, love, love going to Allen Gardens. It's a large green house filled with plants that otherwise couldn't survive in Canada. There are cactus plants, gorgeous flowers and even a banana tree! It's completely free and I recommend everyone goes. It's a necessary splash of green in a sometimes grey city. P.S. There are even some turtles!!!!!!

IMG-3052 (1).jpg

Massimo Pagliaroli

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto?
The Danforth is home...but also have very soft spots for Little Italy and the Annex

Best Toronto memory?
Mom taking me to the Ex as a kid! 

Favourite place to eat in the city?
I couldn't pick just one!...but I've had a long standing love affair with Fresh on Bloor.  That hot sauce!

Why do you like living in Toronto?
It's got a pulse to it! There is something about waking up in Toronto!  And it's the city I was born in.


Evan Bowen

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto?
The Annex! Where I first lived when I moved here - it always feels familiar and cozy.

Any extra activities you do in the city?
I try to attend board game night at 401 Games on Wednesday nights. The designer board game community here is tight.

Why do you like living in Toronto?
Great friends and good bars, awesome communities for any hobby or passion. It’s just such an inviting and welcoming city.

Any hidden, secret or emerging spots in the city you want to share?
Greektown in general is such a great vibe. And if you’re in the mood for some Greek food Loui’s Meat Market has amazing gyros and the lady who serves you there is one of a kind.

Any companies or communities you would like to promote?
Caution Tape Sound Collective! My home organization where I get to play fun contemporary art music written by some great emerging Canadian composers.


Lisa Van Oorschot

What do you like about living in Toronto?
The unique neighbourhoods, all the cool festivals and events, and the amazing theatre community are just a few of the many reasons I love living here!

Last show you saw in Toronto or next show you are seeing in Toronto?
I'm hoping to catch The Drawer Boy at Theatre Passe Muraille, opening February 28th. It's an iconic part of Canadian theatre history, and it will be playing right next door to us (in TPM's Mainspace) during our run of Episode 1. 

Any companies or communities you would like to plug or promote?
The Bellows is a monthly theatre-related panel/social event. It's a great place to learn more about the production side of the industry, and to hang out with some awesome people. You can find them on Facebook here:


Luis Fernandes

Where do you feel the most at home in Toronto?
Parkdale. Its my community, its where I've lived for over a decade. It's the best neighborhood in the city because it has everything: art, a mulitude of cultures, independence, politics, heart and all the problems that come with urbanization. It is a true representation of Toronto in all ways.

Best Toronto memory?
Winning the '93 World Series. My parents took me along College over to Yonge. The city was electric. People were out in droves, high fiving each other, hanging from lamp posts. It was the first and last time I saw the WHOLE city get out and celebrate. 

Any companies or communities you would like to promote?
Unit 102 Actors Company is a theatre group I founded along with 4 others back in 2007. We've been doing 2-5 shows a year ever since and I am extremely proud of where our company has gone and where it continues to go.


Jonathan Sconza

Where do you feel most at home in Toronto?
As someone who has only been living in Toronto for a few years my sense of home lies in the familiar streets of The Junction Triangle where I live and work! I originally hail from Mississauga. I think the Junction reminds me of my hometown and the little suburb where I first spread my little teenage wings.

Favorite place to eat in the city?
Being raised in an Italian/ Portuguese household instilled a great love of food in me. As my dad once said after a sigh of pure satisfaction from eating something delicious, “Food is one of life's truest joys.” That’s one of the reasons living in Toronto is da bomb. THERE'S FOOD EVERYWHERE! Some of my favorite places include Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles, Osmow's, and San Remo Bakery.

Why do you like living in Toronto?
Truthfully, I never had any aspirations to live in Toronto. As an actor you kind of have to go where the work is and so my move to Toronto was more one of necessity than anything else. HOWEVER, now that I’ve been here for a little while I see why people like living in this city. There's just more to do. I like that I can hop on the subway and go somewhere completely different. 


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