Workshops for Schools

We've got a team of multidisciplinary artists to lead exciting and informative workshops designed for kids and teens. We offer workshops ranging from 3-8 sessions and custom built content that adheres to the curriculum. Students will learn the skills necessary to take risks, be confident, think on their feet and have fun in both the classrooms and in their own creative adventures.

Prices start at $100 per 75 minute session.

*Prices may vary depending on school’s distance from Toronto’s Downtown core



With over 10 years of combined improv experience and a CIG National Gold Medal under our belt, we are more than prepared to teach your class the 5 core concepts of improv. Through games and rigourous play, we will teach you to perform spontaneously and think on your feet.


Discover your inner naivety in our clown workshop! Since clown deals with direct contact with the audience, this workshop will teach students to be self confident, vulnerable, and give them the freedom to look foolish. 

Scene Study

Improve your acting skills in our scene study workshop, led by Toronto director & playwright Massimo Pagliaroli. Students are taught character development, how to break down a scene, and the importance of focusing on their scene partner.


3 sessions

Students are introduced to our five core concepts of improvisation. Through a series of fundamental games and group exercises they begin to learn the skill of thinking on their feet.

5 Sessions

In this workshop series, students build upon the core concepts of improv and are introduced to the improv events of story and theme. They learn to think outside the box, commit to choices, and improvise an entire scene with a beginning, middle, and end.

8 Sessions

Students learn the five core concepts and implement them into theme and story events. With their newly acquired skills, they develop and perform a showcase for their peers.


3 Sessions

Students learn the basics of clowning through exercises that focus on finding each individual student’s pleasure to play. They will learn how to be vulnerable and make contact with the audience.

5 Sessions

After learning the basics and finding their inner clown, students form groups and begin to improvise together. Students learn the importance of listening and working with others to play as a duo.

8 Sessions

Students discover their clown and the audience through individual and group exercises that focus on contact with the audience and putting thought into action. They form groups to create 1-2 minute repeatable sketches that they organize into a performance.


3 Sessions

After reviewing acting terminology and stage positions, students will be introduced to the core concepts of acting—relationship, conflict, and action—and the process of breaking down a scene into beats and tactics. Segments of scenes from published material will be performed by students to help illustrate each fundamental of acting.

5 Sessions

Continuing with the analysis of published plays and the exploration of acting technique, students will be paired and begin the practice of rehearsing assigned scenes. During the process the course instructor will consult with scene partners to ask questions and offer suggestions to assist in the development of the work. Each duo will perform their scenes before the class, have the opportunity to be redirected and offered feedback, and will then be given a second pass in which to apply the notes given

8 Sessions

Students will be asked to pair off and rehearse scenes of their own choosing. In addition, they will be assigned the task of breaking down, rehearsing, and performing multi-character scenes.Students will then explore the concepts of pace, simplicity, and consistency, as well as exercises in the analysis and performance of monologues and soliloquies.